Treatment Requirements

Coverage Approval

For coverage approval, typically health insurers require documentation to (which may vary by insurer) include:

  • Adult age
  • A diagnosis of Major Depressive Disorder (MDD), Moderate to Severe severity
  • Validation and measurement of the diagnosis and depression severity using a standardized rating scale (commonly the PHQ-9, which mirrors the DSM criteria for MDD)
  • Failure of 3 to 4 antidepressants during the current episode, with documentation of dosages, start & stop dates, and response to each
  • Failure of a course of validated psychotherapy during the current episode
  • Prior authorization from the insurer before starting

Initiating TMS Treatment

The process for initiating rTMS treatment typically includes:

  • Gathering preliminary information on prior treatment trials and health status for safety and insurance approval
  • Having in place releases of information to communicate with all medical and mental health providers for continuity of care.
  • Performing an assessment to verify appropriateness and safety of treatment
    Formulating a plan to manage any medical comorbidities, such as the existence of any implantable electrical devices or metal in the body
  • The only firm contraindication to treatment with TMS is the presence of any ferromagnetically sensitive object in the head area.
  • Obtaining informed consent for treatment, including a discussion of expectations and the known potential risks, side effects and benefits, including that effectiveness is not guaranteed
  • The most medically concerning known side effect is the possibility of inducing seizures

Treatment Requirements

Treatment typically requires:

  • Commitment and dedication to your own recovery. Response, like many antidepressant treatments, is typically seen weeks into the stimulation.
  • Daily transportation.
  • Payment of associated fees and copays (our office will assist in clarifying this for you)
  • Treatment is required almost every weekday for 9 weeks. This customarily includes 6 weeks of acute treatment 5 days per week, followed by a 3-week taper of thrice weekly for 1 week, twice weekly for one week, then once the last week.
  • The first day of treatment lasts longer, because time must be taken to determine the motor threshold (MT) and map the appropriate treatment location
  • Psychotropic medications are often maintained during and after treatment, especially of there has a been a partial response
  • Near daily interaction with a, experienced, knowledgeable and supportive treatment team, and frequent monitoring by the administering physician, aids in safety and recovery


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