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How Does TMS Therapy Work?

TMS therapy was created to help with depression that otherwise wouldn’t be treated. Essentially how it works is a magnetic field point to the portion of your brain that “hardwires”

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What is TMS Therapy?

Learn more about Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Therapy through this video, if you are interested to know if you are a candidate for this treatment please schedule your consultation today by

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Mental Health Disorders

There are a variety of mental health disorders. NAPA has collected a general list of disorders with attributing resource links to learn more about each one. If you have any

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Insomnia and Sleep Disorders

Are you having trouble falling asleep or staying asleep? If so this not being able to sleep especially for long-term chronic cases can have some serious long-term consequences to your

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Anxiety and Trauma

Anxiety and trauma go hand-in-hand. It can come from things such as PTSD (Post-Traum Stress Disorder) and can trigger panic attacks which come in a variety of degrees. In many

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Mood Disorders

There is more than just depression regarding mood disorders, some of those items include: Major depression. Having less interest in usual activities, feeling sad or hopeless, and other symptoms for

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General Information

Review general information links to help you find a variety of psychiatric resources. General Information Mental Health Links National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH):   www.nimh.nih.govSubstance Abuse and Mental Health Services

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Suicide Prevention

Depression can be incredibly scary when left untreated. We have provided a handful of resources to help with suicide prevention and hotlines for emergencies. Please learn about warning signs, risk

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